It Starts With An Idea...

and some really cool socks!

We specialize in all things visual.

We believe design matters. It has to be visual…unique…unforgettable.

Annex Graphics is a boutique agency that believes it is absolutely critical in today’s business world to act and think differently! Specializing in the key advertising and design mediums, our goal is to differentiate you in meaningful ways.

When all think alike, no one is thinking... Annex is always thinking!


Often the difference between success & failure is asking the right questions, and that’s where we start!  Only once we truly know and understand your business will we be able to deliver the right creative solutions that achieve the end goal. In the end, our ideas only matter if they help your business grow.

As a boutique agency, Annex understands that one size does NOT fit all! In working with us, you will get personalized and unique solutions. We adapt to your changing needs and requirements continually and will offer dynamic solutions throughout our relationship with you.



Brand and business strategy is there to define where brands need to go. And since the world is on fire, that’s a whole lot of fun for us. Now more than ever, your advertising and communication dollars need to be effective in creating revenue streams for your company. Let Annex give you the competitive edge necessary to become a leader in your marketplace!


“When do we tell what to whom” is becoming increasingly more important. Working in partnership with our clients, we talk…we listen. Whatever the requirement, we pride ourselves on getting to know your business.


We are open to new ways of seeing the world and a willingness to explore and discover. New ideas need nurturing and support. Having an idea is good, but acting on it is GREAT – results are what count and Annex Graphics delivers!


If we want to be a step ahead of where consumers are nowadays, technology is a key success factor. Working within both MAC and PC environments, Annex utilizes the very latest in hardware and software technology to produce outstanding, proven results. Proficient in both platforms, we continue to upgrade our skills and abilities through ongoing training and strong relationships with our partners, ensuring that our creative design is further enhanced by our technology investments.


A great idea is only a great idea if the user is willing and able to interact with it. Strategy and design in motion! Specializing in the key advertising and design mediums, our goal is to differentiate you in meaningful ways. With our unique ability to translate that experience, that feeling,  into eye-catching creative with compelling copy and calls to action, we create strategy based integrated design and marketing solutions that produce real results.


Design plays a crucial role in creating difference and value for brands – no matter where in the process you are. Creativity and collaboration is the foundation upon which our designs are built. The ability to pull together the creative idea with the strategy is what sets Annex apart. Inherent in every design is the chance to turn heads, make an impact and deliver results. The selection of art gels with just the right written copy, culminating in an attractive custom design. And when it’s done well….it shows.


We are proud of where we came from and even more excited about where we are heading! The practical, real-world experience that Annex talent brings to the table is irreplaceable. Previous experience within high level agencies and in-house design divisions is coupled with solid sales and project management experience within leading Fortune 500 organizations. Our backgrounds are solid ensuring that projects are completed beyond expectations, well within deadlines while at a fraction of traditional agency costs. In working with Annex, you will benefit from the award-winning design capabilities and project management skills from which other organizations have already profited.

Let's Create Something Amazing!