As we prepare for a responsible restart of our economy, now, more than ever, communication is essential.  There is a myriad of considerations as companies start to plan for their physical re-opening.  These are strange times and there are many companies who are struggling during the uncertainty. Many businesses are facing an uphill battle to get their marketing back on track. What we do know is that businesses will be expected to prioritize workplace safety for employees, customers, vendors and visitors. We are here to help. 

Who are the audiences you must communicate your plans to?

  • Customer-facing communications regarding re-opening strategies as they relate to the safety of patrons, customers, vendors
  • Employee communications regarding policy changes, readying the workplace for re-opening, new health & safety protocols

Start to think about how best to convey these important messages. Talk to Annex about:

  • Printed Material – Stickers, Tent Cards, Window Cling, Infographics, Slide Presentations
  • Social Media – The behaviour of your target audience has most likely changed during COVID-19. They are more likely spending more time online. Can you reach out to your existing clients and broaden your target audience through social media?
  • Web – Communication updates on your existing website relating to re-opening, a new on-line presence such as e-commerce, e-blasts, a new digital marketing strategy
  • SEO – Think long-term. Make sure your site is fully optimized and that when you
    re-open, your audience is able to find you quickly and easily.

When times are tough and people are scared, confused and uncertain, it’s vital that all communication is clear and easy to understand. Information and messaging need to be accurate, direct and give people clear guidance on what they should do.

We are all getting prepared for the “new normal”. Let’s make sure that your business is ready.